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mariko_smBy Mariko Yamamoto

Our universe is infinitely rich and abundant with the full spectrum of light to nourish, bless, clear, heal and transform our Spirit, our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our lives, our planet.
Without light, our planet as we know it today would not exist. One of the ways in which this light is expressed in our world is through the radiance of color.
From the earliest of ancient times, color has been one of the most powerful mediums used for transformation and healing.
Some of the ways in which we can benefit from color are through our color choices in the clothing we wear,
the crystals and gemstones in jewelry or placed within our home or upon our body, the color in our environments (artwork, furniture, appliances, etc.), through the contemplation of color in meditation or our breathing, essential oils and flower essences (the color vibrations of the plants and flowers), hydrating our cells with color by sending color into our water through reiki, ingesting color through the foods we eat.
It is truly ideal to choose locally and organically grown whole foods that are bursting alive with their natural colors and flavors!
Color directly and profoundly influences our energy fields which plays a primary role in our health, our thoughts, perceptions, feelings, attitudes, moods, outlook on life.
If you find yourself needing a bit of a boost, a shift, a re-balancing or perhaps some sparkle in your life, try changing or adding a color or two.
Explore and play with colors in creative and fun ways and see what you notice in the way you feel and in your experiences.
Be open to new potential and opportunity!
Here is a brief outline for colors and their qualities:
Vitalizing, energizing, life force, connection to place and family.
Energizes root chakra, immune system, circulation, adrenal glands, lower pelvic area.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Fame Area.
Creativity, sensuality, sexuality, joyful, vitality, play.
Energizes sacral chakra, kidneys, bladder, large and small intestines, sexual organs.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Fame Area and Creativity Area.
Confidence, self esteem, intelligence, strength, detoxifier, transformer of fear.
Energizes solar plexus chakra, liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas, spleen.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Relationships Area, Knowledge Area, the Central Areas of the Home and Room.
Neutrality, peace, calming, growth, rebirth, regeneration, cleansing, diuretic.
Energizes heart chakra.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Family Area and Wealth Area.
Creative expression, true voice, communication, integrity, peace.
Energizes throat chakra, thyroid, parathyroid, lungs.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Creativity Area.
Inner vision, insight, intuition, self respect, loayalty.
Energizes third eye chakra, pituitary, pineal, brain stem.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Career Area and Knowledge Area
(you can also use light blue in the Knowledge Area).
Deep Purple/Violet
Spiritual connection, artistry, communion, kindness, compassion, deep clearing.
Energizes crown chakra, pineal, brain, cerebral cortex.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Wealth Area and Helpful People Area.
Heart and mind tonic, creativity, insight, shifting gears, bond with humanity, union.
Stimulates adrenals, heart, sexuality.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Relationships Area.
Unconditional love, sweetness, tenderness, gentleness, motherhood.
Energizes heart chakra.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Relationships Area.
Contains all the colors. Renewal, regeneration, inspiration, protection.
Energizes the eighth chakra.
Feng Shui Use: Beneficial in Creativity Area, Helpful People Area as well as in any area.

May your heart soar in the true spectrum of color and magnificent light of your Soul…
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