Feng Shui Cures by Mariko


Feng Shui “cure” for keeping financial/legal upheaval from entering your field at this time and for bringing good luck:

Materials: ¼ cup cornmeal (blue or yellow) or powdered sage and pure water.
Recite Heart Mantra (Gatay, gatay, para gatay, para sam gatay, Bodhi Swaha) or a spiritual chant or mantra you resonate with. Place cornmeal or finely powdered sage in a bowl. Add 99 drops of water. Mix the mixture with the middle finger of your right hand (for men) or left hand (for women), while reciting the six true words, Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum or a preferred mantra.
See and experience all misfortune dissolve and grace flowing in. Recite the six true words or your mantra as you use the same middle finger with the mixture to dot the inside of the front door, garage door, any side or back doors, bedroom and bathroom doors, the burners of the stove, underneath the head/middle/foot of the bed, underneath the desk in the 9 areas of the Bagua. Add water if necessary. (You may wipe the dots away after you complete the process).