May 11, 2020
United States
I have chronic daily migraine headaches. . I have something called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome- so my heart-rate can go really high when I am up-right. It can be hard to breathe and I get really hot really fast. Sometimes I feel faint, or actually faint., I have very little energy for every day activities. I am very sensitive to humidity. I also have EDS (Ehler’s Danlos Synfrome) which gives me weak connective tissue. I have a left hip and pelvic injury that has never healed and keeps me from sitting. Back problems with almost constant pain down my left leg and intermittent on the right. I have constant neck pain and left shoulder pain after passing out and breaking my collar bone and tearing up my joint capsule. This required surgery to repair, but we were flooded in by a hurricane and I had to wait a month before appropriate medical staff could return so I could have the surgery- which made it worse. I have spurs in my left ball and anterior thumb reason that causes a lot of pain. If I could sit again, not have severe migraine and hip/leg pain I could be so much more functional. I’m also having some kind of internal bleeding issue- possibly an ulcer? I just want to be functional, be able to get food together, have the ability to help other people and animals And to live a life with meaning, purpose, or usefulness. I want to not have so much pain that I can’t function. I also don’t know if negative family members are blocking my ability to self heal. Any help & kindness I could receive would be greatly appreciated. When I am able, I like to pass this kindness on to others. Thank-you for hearing my request.