Crystal Skulls – Awakening to Self by Laurelle Gaia


Some people consider crystal lovers to be rather odd people. However, most people are unaware of the vastness of our daily interactions with crystals. Those of us who work and play with crystals are aware of the many ways in which they assist us in life. Through the science of crystallography we find that crystals help us scientifically, medically, artistically, environmentally and spiritually.
The very device upon which you are reading this article has been made possible through the use of crystals. The computer industry, and large corporations like General Electric, use fine silicon quartz crystal bowls to create pure computer chips. Crystals are used to create windows, lasers, paints, cosmetics, medicines, solar panels, in biodynamic farming, and of course they are used in medicines and energy healing.
When crystals and gemstones are carved into the form of a skull, they are believed to possess many helpful qualities. I personally was very skeptical that a crystal carved into a skull could add any depth to the way a person might connect with the crystal. However, one day curiosity led me to a crystal skull gallery at Crystal Enlightenment on the Creek in Sedona, Arizona. I very hesitantly viewed and held several different skulls hoping for a “sign” that one might be meant for me. Then, I sat quietly among the many skulls that were gathered in the gallery. I noticed one woman who was looking for a piece of healing jewelry in the shop. As she peered into the glass case to view pendants she noticed a rather small crystal skull resting on top of the case. She appeared to be startled by it, and quickly walked to another area in the shop. However, I noticed that she kept walking around and seemed to deliberately walk by the skull multiple times. Finally she paused in front of the skull and, very tentatively, reached out toward it. She gently placed her hand on it, and tears immediately began to flow down her cheeks. She was so moved by what she described to be “pure love, so strong it is nearly overwhelming”.
Over the years I have noticed people connect with skulls in very similar ways. People who had no awareness or interest in crystal skulls are often “chosen” by a skull through the frequencies of love, peace, joy, or compassion, etc. which they emit.
Both ancient and contemporary stone skulls can be helpful in our understanding of self, and accessing higher consciousness. Some cultures view skulls as something to fear. However, in others they represent transcendence, protection, wisdom, divinity, power, unity and pure consciousness.
There are crystal skull peace meditations that take place around the planet on a regular basis. Jaap van Etten, PhD is a well-known crystal skull meditator, researcher and author. In his book Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon he writes of five characteristics (reflector, refractor, transmitter, attuning, store information) of crystals and therefore crystal skulls. After reading his book and also attending his crystal skull meditation, I found my interactions with crystal skulls were greatly enhanced, and I began to more clearly understand each of the five characteristics.

  1. The first characteristic is that of a reflector. When we work with a crystal skull as a physical representative of pure consciousness, we can delve very deeply into self. In this application we often find our shadow, as well as the pure light that we are, reflected to us from the crystal skull.
  2. The second quality is as a refractor. Working with a crystal skull can help us discover multiple frequencies, which are a part of our personal whole. Just as a prism disperses white light into multiple colors, a crystal skull can help us experience different aspects of our total being; i.e., past, parallel, or future lives; or awareness of other dimensions.
  3. The third quality is that of transmitter which can receive and send energy. In healing sessions the practitioner may intentionally program their crystal skull to send healing energy to their client. World Peace crystal grids may incorporate a crystal or gemstone skull to assist in accessing and anchoring the peace ray.
  4. The fourth attribute is that of attuning. One may wish to “attune to” divine consciousness, pets, angels, the earth, oceans, a star, a tree, or the moon, etc. When we attune to something we are simply matching our vibrational frequency with that of the intended object or being. Crystals help us transition from waking consciousness to very deep states, which help us access universal wisdom.
  5. The fifth trait is the ability to store information. In September of 1994, Newsweek magazine reported that a group of Stanford scientists successfully imbedded a three dimensional image of the Mona Lisa into a quartz crystal and later were able to retrieve it.

When a crystal is carved into the shape of a skull, we are reminded of wisdom, awareness and consciousness. I have found that working with crystal skulls have enhanced my experiences in meditation, as well as my spiritual healing practice.Many people are fearful of skulls because they may feel that skulls symbolize death. However, death is simply the departure from one level of consciousness to another. When one is open to meeting their inner shadow, and develop a keener awareness of their true spirit, they often find new, loving friends in crystal skulls.
Working with crystal skulls can assist you in expanding your awareness and experiencing a deep connection with universal wisdom.
by Laurelle Gaia, Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, LLC in Sedona AZ
This article appeared int he Crystal Resonance Magazine,  March 2014


Laurelle Gaia a student, a teacher, practitioner, facilitator of the healing arts and served as a healer in the National Institute of Health’s Glioblastoma Research project. (3 year study on the effects distant healing has on the quality of life for patients with this rare form of brain cancer.) A Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Laurelle served as the Director of the ICRT Licensed Reiki Master teacher training program for about 25 years. In this capacity she have developed training programs and been a mentor for many of the other ICRT teachers. She founded the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in 1999. Author of Infinite Spectrum Color Healing Course, Sacred Circles, Be Peace Now, Reiki Crystal Healing and The Book on Karuna Reiki. Currently developing the Facebook group based on the book called The Butterfly Squads.