Creativity is Liberating


During these times of global shifting and  transformation, turning to the benevolence and flow of creativity is helpful in  bringing us inner calm.  The flow of inspiration comes through channels that are  open and receptive, not clogged with fear and restriction. Gestures of creativity open and expand our ability to receive new ideas, solutions to problems, insight and guidance.  Creativity is liberating.
The rhythm of meditation flows through our creative endeavors making us receptive to Spirit.  Meditation relaxes tensions, worry and anxiety while simultaneously opening our heart and mind to inspiration.
Remember the power of intention and creative visualization.  When we enter into that quiet, sacred space within us and focus our energy with intention on what we want to create, we become conscious creators.
Placing our focus on prosperity, wellness, safety, peace, planetary harmony and more, aligns us with the power of attraction to manifest that desire.  In truth, we are powerful, creative beings.  Remembering this is part of the awakening to our higher potential.
Let’s remember our creative value and the significance of what we offer to life around us.  Sharing our creativity with family, friends and community ties us together in fun, friendly ways.  Our spirit is lifted and life responds in favorable ways.
Look at your talents and gifts and see how someone may benefit from them.  These gestures of giving have a powerful effect on dispelling fear, distrust, depression, confusion and grief.  Lifting oneself or another out of the density of fear and constriction is an act of empowerment.  It is love and compassion, caring and sharing that lifts us and propels us forward with balance.
Many wise ones have said that we are the stewards of the earth.  Think of all the ways this can express through us creatively and positively.  Know that you can contribute to the well being of our planet.  Our personal and collective creative visualization of health, harmony and balance influences our planet and nature responds accordingly.
Creativity from our inner wellspring can bring us peace, beauty, joy and the remembrance that Source is ever present and powerful in our lives.
Astara E. Edmonds is a Psychic/Clairvoyant Messenger and Reiki Master Teacher.
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by Astara E. Edmonds