Creating a Reiki Crystal Healing Grid


What is a Reiki Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a special grouping of stones laid out in a particular formation for a specific purpose. When created and empowered with sacred intention and prayer, each stone within the grid amplifies the qualities and energy of the other stones. Lines of high frequency light link the stones and create a vortex of energy.

Ancient Grids

Many people in today’s world scoff at the idea of crystals, or special grid formations having any power to transform or heal.  I find that a bit amusing, particularly for those skeptics who spend any time on the internet. Electronics include quartz crystal to help transmit energy and information. In a sense, the internet is a crystal grid of sorts. Ancient peoples have been working with stone grids for eons.

An example of an ancient style of grid is the medicine wheel. Although they are often constructed of a variety of stones; most stones include a significant amount of quartz. Our watches, and telephones have relied on quartz to move energy as well.

And then of course there is Stonehenge, and other sacred sites where gridded stones are felt to promote spiritual growth and healing.

Getting Started With a Basic Quartz Grid

Establishing sacred intention:

First of all, develop clear intent as to the purpose of your grid. It is best to start with a grid that will allow you to combine the distant healing work you do for several people. If you want, you can later move on to grids for specific projects or situations. Grids may also be set up with the intention of helping a world situation, your job or career, a relationship, a specific health issue of yours or of a friend or client, and with abundance and prosperity, to name just a few examples.

The example we will use here is an absentee or distant healing grid that serves many people and many situations simultaneously. This grid will send energy continuously for 24 hours until it needs to be recharged again for the next 24 hour period.

Before building the grid, say a prayer of intent that you wish to build the perfect grid to assist you in your distant healing work and that you are guided to select the right crystals for it.

Selecting Crystals for Your Grid

It is effective to use single terminated quartz for the six outer crystals (unless you receive strong guidance to use something else). If you are new to working with crystals, I suggest that you begin by working with clear quartz, as it is often easier to sense the energy from clear quartz. However, once you have developed the ability to recognize crystal energy, you might work with any color of quartz or quartz-like, such as clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst points, citrine, etc. For the central crystal, select something “special,” for example a cluster, a sphere, a pyramid, or just something particularly meaningful to you.

Next, you need a crystal that feels powerful and strong to you for your master crystal. I feel that a crystal that is a blend of masculine and feminine energies is most powerful for me. A crystal with a blend of masculine and feminine energies is very clear in areas and cloudy and filled with inclusions in others. The master crystal may also be slightly larger than the six outer crystals.

Allow a couple of hours to create this grid the first time you set it up. It deserves a sacred space in your life and is very much worth the time. After it is created it only takes a few minutes each day to maintain the energy.

Cleansing and charging or programming the crystals:

When cleansing crystals, hold the focused intention that you are helping the crystal release any less-than-light energy and return to a purified state. This can be done by holding it under running water, by smudging with sage, by soaking the crystal in salt water (make sure that it is not water soluble), by placing it in the sunlight (not for colored stones), or by clearing it with Reiki and/or prayer. To charge or program the crystals, hold them one at a time and put all of the Reiki symbols and/or prayer energy into them, intending to charge them and asking them to serve as channels for divine love. This can take anywhere from 2-15 minutes per crystal, depending on your guidance. If you have learned the crystal gratitude exercise please apply it.

After cleansing and charging the crystals, place them in formation. In the Star of David format it holds the intention of bringing the love of heaven into manifestation on earth.

Next, take your master crystal in your hands and pray to have the full power of the Reiki, a.k.a. divine love energy, flow through you as you empower your grid to heal and manifest with divine love. Create an affirmation to do this. The affirmation can be something like: “I Am empowering this grid with divine healing love now. These crystals are transmitting divine healing love now. Divine healing love is received by all who request it now. Perfect healing is taking place by divine love now.”

To connect the grid lines, start by pointing the master crystal toward the central crystal, holding it a few inches above the grid. When you feel the energy begin to flow, move the master crystal up to the crystal at the top of the grid, drawing a line of energy. Then, move the master crystal diagonally to the crystal on the left, then draw a line of light back to the center, and next retrace the line you just drew. After that, draw a line to the next crystal on the left. Go back to center crystal again and then retrace that line that you just drew. Continue around the grid in this manner as you say your affirmation. Be sure you are sending the energy into the receptive (outside) end of each crystal toward the termination which is pointing to the center crystal.

Connect the grid lines. When you feel that you are finished, come back to the first crystal and then move to the central crystal. Let the final burst of energy flow into the central crystal.

Grid maintenance and linking:

Connect the lines of light as described and affirm the healing power daily to keep the grid active 24 hours a day.

Be sure to link the grid to the names of the people or the situations you want to send healing to. You can place your grid on top of a table that has a drawer. The grid would be on top and the names of people or descriptions of situations on pieces of paper inside the drawer. Alternately, you could put a bowl under a table or simply keep a bowl or basket with the pieces of paper near the grid and intend that it be linked to the grid. You may also wish to use photographs.

Crystal grids are used to amplify your prayers, Reiki energy,
Karuna energy, infinite light, etc.

Grids and Chakras

A relationship grid using mangano calcite to enhance the grid. It uses a total of nine stones – a center crystal, four quartz points, and four pieces of mangano calcite. The addition of calcite helps to raise the vibration of the entire grid. The eight exterior stones represent the infinite power of the Divine to heal anything. In this grid, mangano calcite is used for relationship healing.

Because of the ability of crystals to activate specific chakras, their healing properties can extend to specific applications. Our relationship and communication grids are an example.

Mangano Calcite

This is a relatively new stone and the primary source of it is currently in Mexico. Mangano calcite activates the etheric heart chakra. It facilitates the integration of one’s soul essence with the divine feminine. This stone is a powerful emotional body healer. When combined with Reiki symbols and prayer energy, it is a useful tool for distant and mental or emotional healings.

Mangano calcite helps group energies to come together in a gentle, loving, and peaceful way. This stone is also said to assist with the balance of hormones and the reduction of anxiety. Because of its ability to raise the love vibration, it also assists one to access the divine mind and to become a channel for the manifestation of divine will.

Mangano is a form of calcite with a high content of magnesium which contributes to its beautiful pink color. Magnesium is also known to contribute to cell vitality and can be helpful for women experiencing menopause.

Establishing the Relationship Grid

Use the same process of intention, cleansing, and setting up the grid as for the basic quartz grid. However, for this grid you will not need a master crystal, though you can use one if you prefer. You will connect the lines by using your index finger and your fire (middle) finger together. Use your thumb to gently hold down your ring finger and your little finger. This leaves your index and fire fingers held together as if they are one. You will direct the energy with these two fingers.

The ascending heart and sacred heart chakras house the essence of universal compassion and of universal love. They create a triad via an etheric link with the heart chakra.

There is a holographic projection of the link between these three centers held in the subtle energy field. This hologram is known as the etheric heart. Its purpose is to facilitate communication via the language of light between our soul, the universal heart, and the universal mind. Although the diagram depicts the etheric heart in what appears to be a fixed position in our subtle energy field, it is not stationary. It is a multidimensional light form that is in constant motion, pulsing in and out of various layers and positions within our etheric field.

When you are ready to charge your grid and empower it with an affirmation, you will first activate your etheric heart center. You do this by first touching your chakras in this order: 1. heart, 2. ascending heart, and 3. sacred heart

Prayer of Intention

Since this is a relationship healing grid, you will want to name the persons in the relationship which is to receive healing. State in your prayer that, the energy of this grid, is intended to help heal the relationship between those persons. If you are Reiki attuned, also use the mental and emotional healing symbol and the distant healing symbol. If you are Karuna Reiki® attuned, you might add the Harth symbol.

In your intention, you also want to allow for the healing to take the perfect form for the highest good of all concerned. This can be the biggest challenge because you may think you understand what is best for the relationship, but often there is a better solution. Sometimes the parties going their separate ways is the best solution and sometimes growing stronger together is best. So, it is important to always intend that the healing is free to take whatever form is best for everyone concerned.

You may want to choose certain crystals in the grid to represent the individuals involved. The center crystal will represent the relationship as a whole. Next, you will point your index and fire fingers toward the central crystal. Then, intend that the light of divine love flow from your fingertips and connect the lines of light between the stones. This is the same process described for the quartz grid, but this time you are using your fingers rather than a master crystal.

Use an affirmation of your choice as you charge the grid. You might choose something like “I AM empowering this grid with the light of divine love, compassion, and peace.” Say your affirmation three times.

The Communication Grid

Another example of revising a grid for a specific intention is this communication grid. A simple  substation of one crystal for the center, and a change of intention; the energies of the grid shift to a totally new focus. Celestite assists with access to information from the angelic realms, the inner planes, and the spirit of Gaia, our Mother Earth. It assists in the development of spiritual perceptive gifts, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. Celestite brings clarity and the ability to articulate spiritual messages and transmission of energy.

To establish and activate the celestite grid, use a similar process as that which was described for the mangano calcite grid. You might use a similar affirmation as that used for the mangano calcite grid or you might use one that specifically enhances communication such as: “I always speak the truth quietly. I listen with an open heart and an open mind when others speak. I remember that peace is found in the silence.”

Please note that the layouts, processes, and affirmations used in these instructions are merely suggestions, though they have been used effectively. You are always encouraged to create your own affirmations, so the process is more personal.

Other types of Reiki Crystal Grids

The grids referenced here a very basic grids, requiring only a few crystals. However, as you grow more intuitive in your work with crystals, you may wish to create and explore more elaborate formations. The grid at the beginning of the article is an example.

Reiki, crystals and grid formations are a powerful combination of energies. Together the can expedite healing, facilitate very deep cellular harmony between body and soul. When combined with Reiki and prayer; in addition to physical, mental and emotional healing, Reiki crystal healing grids can amplify energies of attraction and manifestation. But as always, Reiki and any tools combined with the energy work for the highest good of all.

I hope this article has inspired you to incorporate some of what is shared here into your own life.

My perpetual prayer: Thank you creator that you continue to guide me, bless me and heal me; so that I am always of service to the highest good, in the highest possible way. And so it IS!

Wishing you love, peace and infinite blessings

by Laurelle Gaia


Laurelle Gaia a student, a teacher, practitioner, facilitator of the healing arts and served as a healer in the National Institute of Health’s Glioblastoma Research project. (3 year study on the effects distant healing has on the quality of life for patients with this rare form of brain cancer.) A Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Laurelle served as the Director of the ICRT Licensed Reiki Master teacher training program for about 25 years. In this capacity she have developed training programs and been a mentor for many of the other ICRT teachers. She founded the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in 1999. Author of Infinite Spectrum Color Healing Course, Sacred Circles, Be Peace Now, Reiki Crystal Healing and The Book on Karuna Reiki. Currently developing the Facebook group based on the book called The Butterfly Squads.