Creating a Portal of Blessings for Mother Earth


by Mariko Yamamoto
Though foundational grounds may be appearing very “shaky” lately, including those of the actual earth and waters and the many dimensional structures of politics, finances, relationships, etc., the breaking waves lead us into the exciting adventure of surfing through thinning veils and playing leapfrog through spiritual portals opening into a new earth.
We are transitioning from a world of “mind over matter”: the use of force/control/manipulation over that which is viewed as separate as well as the giving away of power to external structures and references to “Soul as One”: where each Soul has the opportunity to attune to their True Essence, honor spiritual sovereignty and align with the Universe as One Awakened Collective.
As the great shift takes place, we are being given the opportunity to choose in every moment what we give our attention to. We can choose to interact and dance with the blueprint of collective fear or the blueprint of the Era of the Soul. One of the reasons life may appear as “chaos” is that the present wave is collapsing from familiar, linear time/space into the experience off the non-linear, no time, no space continuum. This gives more readily access to the infinite quantum field of Divine potential.
As we accelerate our consciousness into heightened states of awareness, we begin to move beyond the boundaries of old structures and belief systems and can accept the invitation to remember who we truly are and play full out as Spirit playing with Spirit in all of life.
As we remember our true nature and inherited abilities to commune and communicate with the Soul in all of life, whether animate or “inanimate,” rock, tree, animal, sun, stars, buildings, money, thoughts, etc. this makes the journey an extraordinary, fascinating and awe inspiring adventure filled with endless possibilities and learning. Every Soul carries the divine spark to give, receive, transform, bless, heal and make whole.
In Chinese astrology, the current period through the year 2044 is the cycle of Mother Earth. This Earth cycle calls forth our sincere support, protection and nurturing of the Soul of Mother Earth and our relationship with Her. This also includes receiving guidance from Her and fully knowing Her great love, benevolence and infinite nourishment.
In recognizing oneself as Soul, there is no time, space and distance to come between the direct communication with the Soul of another, including the Great Mother. Even daily, we can honor and tap into the Soul of Mother Earth, transmitting love and light to Her. We can invoke Her great healing wisdom as well as receive Her love, comfort and grace.
Connecting with the Soul of the Great Mother Earth:

  • Connect with your Essence.
  • Connect with the Soul of Mother Earth.
  • Give Mother Earth your sincere words, “I love you. I honor you. I appreciate you.”

Then ask Her,

  • “What is your Primal Dream?”
  • “Is there anything you would like to be offered at this time?”
  • “What may I receive from you that would make a profound difference?
  • “What would make a difference for humanity and the planet?”

Allow yourself to receive Her answers.
If there is any action to take, be timely in your action.
Create of portal of blessings for Mother Earth:
On a piece of 9×9 red paper, write out your heart’s blessing for Mother Earth.
Place the 9×9 piece of paper with your words into a bowl filled with salt. Place the bowl in the southwest corner of your home, bedroom or office for 9 hours. The salt will absorb the frequency of the blessing. Then sprinkle the salt around the perimeter of your home. These frequencies will be absorbed into the crystalline structures of the earth, creating a strengthened portal of your prayers.
From my Soul to your Soul, I love you. I honor you. I appreciate you. I wish the highest and best for you always.
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