Chakras, Reiki, Holy Fire and Remembering our Pillar of Light


By Laurelle Shanti Gaia

When we begin our path of spiritual awakening we can encounter many beliefs, forms of dogma, tools, energetic experiences, etc. which can cause us to create patterns that limit our full awakening to Divine light.
In the beginning of our journey as healers we often start with learning about and experiencing our chakras. I personally find that this study, and direct experience is important as we gain awareness of our personal connection to our Divine creative power.

Our spiritual journey can include developing an awareness of the positive, as well as the limiting qualities our chakras can have on our physical, mental and emotional health, as well as our soul progression.
At a very young age, my first experience with “chakras” was what I perceived as brilliant points of light high above our crown, and shining under the feet from beneath the surface of the earth. The image that I saw was that of a shimmering, iridescent column of light that runs vertically through our physical body, and the column was connected to the points of light above, below and beyond. I was also aware of a soul level chakra that was somehow connected to a realm, or dimension, that seemed far beyond our 3rd dimension. This chakra is called the ascending heart. The purpose of this chakra is to assist people in fully awakening their true essence of Divine peace and true enlightenment.

Through our studies of Reiki and other vibrational and/or spiritual healing modalities, we are growing into high vibrational beings. As we progress on our path, some people are experiencing that the separate “functions” that our chakras have provided, are no longer needed, and they begin to, in essence, dissolve. It is as if the chakras are housed on an outer veil, which, as we progress, lifts away to expose our true light.

In my early 20s I was introduced to yoga and an additional 7 points of light that intersected what I came to know as our central light channel. What followed was a “traditional” introduction to the seven basic chakras.
In retrospect I realize that the study of the seven chakras was important to my progress, because my life path was to include healing and maintaining wellbeing through my 3rd dimensional experiences, and then to share what I learned with others. I also realize that most of us learn our deepest and most important lessons from direct personal experience. In order to lovingly and effectively facilitate such learning experiences for myself, my clients and students, it was necessary for me to follow the spiritual “stepping stones” that were presented on my path.
However, from the very beginning of my spiritual healing studies, I felt as though I was a bit of a secret rebel. My teachers were telling me that our chakras were the colors of the spectrum, with red being at our base and violet at our crown. For some time I feared that perhaps I was spiritually color blind, because I saw all healthy chakras as brilliant white light, that simply blended with and strengthened the energy flow through our central channel.

As I began my healing work, I started sensing color (or at times sound) in the area of any chakra that was out of balance on a client. For example if the root chakra was out of balance I might become aware that a red frequency (or a C note) was being called forth to bring it back into balance. Yet, the color frequency needed could have just as easily been yellow (or the note F). White contains all color and if any color is missing it diminishes the purity of the white.

Reiki is a beautiful guiding energy that continues to help me move forward on the path that God has offered to me. In 1995 the frequencies of Karuna Reiki were made available through the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). I felt a strong calling to it and I immediately immersed myself into all that Karuna presented. I found it to contain incredible energetic gifts, as well as to be a magnificent teacher.

One incredible gift that Karuna has given to me is the gift of deep listening. Deep listening helps us discern the messages that God is sharing with us. These messages may be accessible during sessions we offer our clients, or they may be personal inspirations, or perhaps even redirection on our path.
After a few years of whispering to us, Holy Fire energy came fully into our awareness in January of 2014, and it made its way into the ICRT’s programs, and subsequently into thousand of practitioners lives. We are continually learning more as Holy Fire brings forth frequencies of forgiveness, grace, resurrection and more.

Although my level of experience with Holy Fire pales in comparison with the experience I have with Reiki and Karuna Reiki, Holy Fire is bringing those messages into clear focus very quickly. It is also inspiring an unparalleled level of trust as we act upon the inspirations we receive.
Holy Fire is also bringing a flood of soul memories. What I mean by this is that we each have been called into this lifetime. We incarnate with wisdom of the ages housed in our soul, and we move through life with the opportunity to rediscover this wisdom as a more evolved being.
We are always, and are now remembering that we each are beautiful pillars of light, and through BEing our true self, we are anchoring the highest, most beautiful energies on the planet; and together we are awakening this planet to peace.

Wishing you peace and infinite blessings,



abridged excerpt from “The Book on Holy Fire Karuna Reiki” by Laurelle Shanti Gaia]]>