Reiki and Sound Helps Home Renovations

Michael has taught of combining drumming and Reiki as a healing modality. Although, I have been learning of it’s effectiveness in healing sessions, I had not given much thought to it helping during renovations.

Karuna Reiki and Soul Level Healing

Four beautiful Karuna Reiki Masters gathered around me, joined hands and offered a prayer of intent for my healing. Then they began to channel the Karuna Reiki energy with their voices. As they chanted and sang, I was transported deeper and deeper into the innermost corridors of my being. I was barely aware when the healing channels began to also direct the Karuna Reiki energy with their hands.

Creativity is Liberating

Gestures of creativity open and expand our ability to receive new ideas, solutions to problems, insight and guidance.  Creativity is liberating.

When we embrace Reiki into our life we . . .

Claim responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions Recognize our ability to change the energy in our life Learn that when energy changes, healing can happen Increase our intuitive and spiritual awareness Develop more meaningful relationships Communicate in a...

Courting the Stillness Within

When you find that the noise levels may get a little too loud, it may be a signal to turn the volume down or even off and log back onto “esoulharmony” (a play name) to make a date with the Soul and court the Stillness within. How ironic that all of creation, movement, activity, sound and light have their very being in Stillness.