Reiki, Breath and the Sacred Spiral

Spirals exist in our very DNA through the double helix. Some say that the spiral is the fingerprint of God which resides in all of creation.

The House That Karuna Healed

We first walked through the doors of the House that Karuna healed in June of 1995. The 22 acres of rolling Kentucky countryside, and forested areas upon which the house sits were breathtakingly beautiful. The sparkling stream flowing through the property has a special healing ambiance of its own. Though the land and the house were wonderful to look at, there was a certain heaviness or denseness in the energy when we first arrived.

Getting Results with Reiki Unconditionally

When we learn to practice Reiki fearlessly, trust it completely, and step out of the way by releasing all attachment to outcome, we open the door for miracles… we can do nothing wrong. This is unconditional Reiki.

How to Create Reiki Miracles in 4 Easy Steps

When you think about the word miracle, what comes to your mind?
When I think about miracles, especially in the context of a “Reiki miracle” I immediately think of a result of prayer, which has been energized with Reiki, and left, undisturbed, as an offering upon the “altar” within the heart and mind of God.

Reikicize, Exercise Complemented with Reiki

Reikicize is exercise complemented with Reiki. This is a sharing of ways anyone could embrace Reiki in healing resulting from any type of illness. Just because this is a story about Reiki helping during a healing journey from a stroke, the examples here can be incorporated into healing after any illness.

Overcoming Doubt in the Ability to Heal

I am a Reiki practitioner. This simply means that I work with the Reiki energy to help my client achieve a sense of wholeness and inner peace. There are times this results in a physical healing. However, that happens when the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the client are in alignment, which allows healing to flow into the physical being.