2019-12-18 04:35:54
Gurgaon and Karnataka
Bindya, Naveen and their two beautiful daughters are protected from all kinds of external negative threats. We are safe, bonded together and flourishing in life. Bindya is loved, supported and trusted by friends, family and all. Naveen under any family pressure will not stop in supporting his wife ( Bindya) and his children’s. Naveen’s job is secured with good package. Thank you 🙏

We are in going through lot of family disturbance. All the problems created by Hema ( Naveen’s sister). She make all fake stories about me ( Bindya) and spread news around society. My MIL Susheela ( Naveen’s Mom) believes in false rumours spread by Hema.
Kindly send Reiki that Hema stay calm from mind and back off from my family. And thus Susheela understand the situation and let Naveen and Hema to live happily within their family and Susheela starts to believe, support and love Bindya and Naveen.
Bindya and Naveen with kids leave in Gurgaon.
Hema and family and Susheela leaves in Karnataka.