A Healing Miracle at Peace Place


A Spontaneous Healing for a 12 Year-Old

by Tianna Galgano

I love to vacation in Sedona, Arizona.  The spiritual intensity in the power spots help me to connect with Spirit in expanded ways. When possible, I take one of my grandchildren on vacation with me. We hike into power spots and I teach my grandchild how to use the energy to have expanded meditation experiences.  I have done this each year with a granddaughter as young as five and several other grandsons that were in their teens.
I taught my granddaughter how to meditate when she was five years old. It was then that she first met her guardian angel. When she was twelve, I intuited that it was time for my granddaughter to meet her Higher Self. I wanted to teach her how to ask for spiritual guidance directly from her source self.
She and I took a special vacation together and shared a week in Sedona. While there, we visited a different power spot every day. In her meditations, she met different types of guides in the various power spots. These included a power animal and a “teacher” guide to help her study for tests. I mentioned that at some point she would be ready to interact with her Higher Self.
After several days of amazing experiences, she told me that she was ready to meet her Higher Self. I wanted to get her a special crystal to enhance that experience.  So I took her to one of my favorite crystal stores, Peace Place, the Reiki Center in uptown Sedona.  My granddaughter’s major intuitive sense is kinesthetic. So as we walked around the store, I showed her how to hold a crystal in her hand and feel its energy.  By doing that, she found the perfect crystal to use for her Higher Self meditation.
Peace Place has a special, large meditation room. When they are not using it for Reiki and other classes, a guest can go in, sit and meditate.  There are many beautiful, large crystal formations placed around the room. The walls are covered with spiritual art. In the center of the room there is a mandala made up of many unique crystals placed in an energy enhancing pattern.
I took my twelve-year-old granddaughter into this room because I wanted her to feel the sense of peace that fills it.  We went to the crystal mandala on the floor and sat on opposite sides of it. I watched as my granddaughter closed her eyes and began to absorb the energy.  The look that came over her face is one I have never seen before.  She looked absolutely, beautifully at peace.
She opened her eyes. “Oh wow!” she exclaimed. “I love the feelings in here. They are so powerful.  I want to meet my Higher Self here,” she said. She closed her eyes again and holding the crystal we had just purchased, she went into meditation. She was quiet for several minutes.  When she opened her eyes again she said, “Grammy, I feel like all the smoke has been cleared from my lungs.  They feel clear!”
I gave her a puzzled look.  “What do you mean?” I asked.  We reviewed the back story:
She reminded me that several years ago she’d had pneumonia. After she recovered from the illness, she began wheezing. I took her to the doctor. He told her she probably had asthma, (something that she’d never had before).  I remembered hearing her doctor tell her,  “Because of the pneumonia, your lungs are weaker. From now on, you will be sensitive to cigarette smoke.  If you are around people smoking you will probably have asthma attacks.” (These installed beliefs did influence her negatively.) My granddaughter visits her birth mother every other weekend. Her mom and stepdad live in a tiny apartment and they both smoke. Even though they go outside the door to have a cigarette when she is visiting, everything in the apartment is permeated with smoke. My granddaughter told me that every time she visits there, she feels like her lungs are filled with smoke.  Worse, her lungs feel like the smoke stays stuck in them.
She told me that in this meditation, her Higher Self removed all the smoke that had been “stuck” in her lungs. Her lungs felt clear for the first time since she’d had the pneumonia.
Her experience in Peace Place was just the beginning of a further amazing healing for her lungs and the so-called “asthma.”  My granddaughter’s Higher Self guided her to find the trauma which had caused the pneumonia in the first place. Her Higher Self then guided her to go back and heal that memory. Her Higher Self also helped her reprogram what the doctor had said to her about now having “weak lungs.” In her new reprogrammed memory she hears the doctor say: “Your lungs will totally heal and you will be fine from now on.”
My young granddaughter loved the Peace Place meditation room so much that she asked me to take her back there several times before we left Sedona.

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