A Call to Action for all Lightworkers and Peaceweavers


I am writing this simply because I hope these words will inspire you to align with the true essence of who you are, to raise the vibration around this situation. To energize those who are in a position to find the solutions, and to visualize a pristine environment in the Gulf once again.
From my perspective, the full recovery from the oil spill in the Gulf  is being greatly delayed, primarily by all the fear, anger and blame that is being directed toward BP and the government.
As atrocious as this situation can appear, this too is part of the Divine plan…so what are we to learn from this?  And let’s learn it right NOW!
Most of you reading this are in the process of mastering the spiritual laws of the Universe. We know that reality is created by what we believe. We know that our thoughts and feelings create our ultimate reality.  The laws of the Universe must work in congruence. It seems that the majority of the energy directed to the situation in the gulf are completely ignoring the Law of Love and the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration.
The Law of Love calls for us to maintain a consciousness of  love, acceptance and trust; at all times, even when other’s actions result in harm to another.
As we know the Law of Attraction, when aligned with the Law of Vibration, draws to us the same vibration that we are exuding on the deepest level of our being. So if we are afraid that all the wildlife, wetlands, beaches, and economy as well as the sea water will be destroyed, we are collectively energizing that vision.
When we are angry with the officials of BP and with our government officials, we effectively impede the flow of life force energy needed to help them connect with Divine consciousness and find the perfect resolution to this situation.
Let us also remember the Law of Gratitude.  It is our job as lightworkers to stay in perpetual gratitude for all our life experiences, to learn the lessons  contained within them, and to BE the light in even the darkest moments.
Please find the courage to step into higher consciousness and BE the powerful creator that you were born to be. Not just a little bit…but be the full power of Divine love that you are. We can no longer just play around with what we know, or hide from our true light. We must BE the light of peace and healing for the planet. We were born into this life at this time, because we GET it! SO let’s DO it and BE it right NOW!
Perhaps these photos will help you connect and do the work that we are being called to do.
Let’s help the BP officials go from this;
to this –
Let’s allow these photos of Tony Hayward of BP to represent all the corporate world that contributed to this and other such situations, transfo
Let’s also help their concern to transform into joy at a  successful conclusion which is forming now.
And then let’s hold a vision of this as a  successful conclusion, and allow for something even better;

Thank you for walking the earth at this time and helping to awaken this planet to the age of peace.
Love, peace and infinite blessings,


Laurelle Shanti Gaia