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Be Peace Now

Create Peace and share it

Be Peace Now is a tool to help us create peace within our own hearts, and to share this with the world. It is based on these simple concepts; all things are energy, and energy is constantly changing. Every person on this planet is a powerful spiritual being and, in our own way, we are each affecting change.

we create our reality


Many people have experienced a demonstration of the reality that thought and prayer create change.

Have you ever prayed for a sunny day for a special event, or used the power of positive thought to manifest the perfect parking place? These are basic examples of how we can create our own reality with our thoughts. . . so why limit this power?


Imagine what will happen when, daily, you use the power of the spoken word, prayer, and special energetic techniques focused to raise the peace vibration, and heal our Earth. Now imagine what will happen when millions, or billions of people around the planet do this too.


be peace now

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