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Session One

Session One

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Session Two

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Session Three

Session Three

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Session Four

Session Four

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  1. Laurelle

    Welcome to our NEW and improved site, which is designed to inspire communication between the team of Peaceweavers from around the world.

    Thank you for sharing the light of peace that you ARE with the world.

    Love and blessings – Laurelle

  2. Stephen

    My Peaceweaver experience for this first week is like gentle golden rain falling all around me from a bright light overhead source and very peaceful during this time continuing throughout the day. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. mala

    I had experienced lots of things.while chanting I saw the symbol Altea expanding and I saw a rose in the middle of light and I saw a woman with a child.I was a bit shocked it disappeared immediately and again I saw that rose in the midst of light.Another experience was while I was chanting I felt like something touching my head gently and I could feel like a Breeze revolving around my head up to my ears and it was turning and turning and I saw a green tree and green bright shrubs everywhere.

    • Laurelle

      Hi Mala: Thank you for sharing this experience. Have you received any messages about this, or do you have any interpretation regarding what these visions mean, or how they may be affecting your spiritual growth? <3 Laurelle

  4. mala

    Thanks for answering.I really don’t know what these visions mean but one thing is I can still feel that energy even after.Now I’m more involved in what I do.I’m more peaceful and take things in a different way may be more understanding if you want and really more calm.I should be very grateful if you could guide me and give me some explanations about these visions.thanks a lot.

  5. Theresa Toursarkissian

    Please continue the infomation