Sacred Sedona

Many people who are committed to spiritual growth as a major  focus for their life are drawn to Sedona. Nature enthusiasts, lightworkers, peaceweavers, healers, and the perpetually curious are all drawn to this beautiful place for unique and personal reasons. There is a very sacred feeling when you enter this area.  From the moment you are in the presence of the magnificence of Sedona’s natural beauty you may feel a wave of peace and serenity caress you.

Sedona is known by people from around the world as a powerful spiritual center comprised of many subtle energy vortexes. Many of these special places on the earth were the sites of ancient sacred ceremonies and prayer rituals

Sedona has a population of about 15,000 residents. It is nestled amongst magnificent red rock formations.  The canyons, cliffs and scenery are breathtaking, and the energy is powerful yet nurturing. The history of the area can speak to you when visiting the Ancient Indian ruins nearby.

What to Do in Sedona?

There are many spiritual groups, healing practitioners, and resources in Sedona. If you are looking for a quiet place to meditate, a lovely chapel, a Reiki practitioner, an accupuncturist, massage therapist, chiropractor, naturopath, a spa or just about any other resource to support health, wellness and spiritual growth you will most likely find it right here in Sedona.

Lodging and Travel Help

Infinite Light Healing Studies Center is located at 355 Jordan Road at Peace Place The phone number at the class site is 928-203-7755 (call this number if you need to get a message to your teacher on a class day). If you have questions about class content, etc. please call our office at 928-204-1216.

Lodging near our Center

Click the link above for a list of hotels, resorts and spas within walking distance of Infinite Light and Peace Place

For lodging in other areas of Sedona, please visit the Chamber of Commerce tourism website at

Major Airport and Airport Shuttle Information

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Airport and Airlines Reservation information Please NOTE: Airport shuttle reservations need to be made in advance. Sedona Shuttle Services Ace-xpress 800-336-2239/928-639-3357 Sedona Phoenix Shuttle 928-282-2066

How is the weather in Sedona?

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Class Times

Reiki I & II – 9:00-6:00
ART/Master  – 9:00-6:00
Karuna Reiki Master – 9:00-6:00
Reiki Drumming – 9:00-6:00
Crystal Healing Classes – 10:00-5:30

Class Location

Peace Place – 355 Jordan Road, Sedona, AZ 86336
928-204-1216 (office) 928-203-7755 (on class days)

If you need help planning your visit to Infinite Light and Peace Place in Sedona, let  us know. We will be happy to help you!

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