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chakra_w_labelsWelcome to an introductory exploration into the healing power of human, subtle energy system. This study is based on the awareness that we have a soul level ability to heal, inherent within us.

The information presented here is not a substitute for any medical, or psychological treatment, it is offered as suggestions for stress reduction, relaxation and experiencing peace.

When we are able to relax, release stress, and become totally calm and energetically clear, we move into that place of peace which allows us to touch into our inner healing power.



  1. Respected sir, i love this article and want to learn more about rekki so that i can cure others and also myself…

  2. respected sir,

    I want learn reiki.First I tell you that I am ignore about this what is reiki. how can i learn it?

    Thanking you

    Dave Vipul

  3. Saawan Pande

    I want to learn Reiki If any one what to help me then contact to me Saawan : +918866003711

  4. Hello Haley: You will find a list of ICRT Licensed Professional teachers listed on We teach in Sedona, Arizona and our schedule of classes is here

  5. I would really like to learn reiki

  6. karishma desai

    Hi I want to learn reiki…

  7. A K Sharma

    Want to learn reiki to treat my self

  8. Hi,
    I need a job which is satisfactory and permanent. Financial position is not so good . I am suffering from mental stress and desperation , I have try to kill my self also ….
    Can u please help me

  9. I need a job which is satisfactory and permanent. Financial position is not so good and my husband need finance to meet his family responsibility. Pls do something to improve ours life. we have a daughter ,give positive to her as she disobeys sometimes.

  10. In much need need of some help with a distance reiki. I am experiencing inner turmoil to a startling degree. Please help, inner peace seems far away

  11. mayank

    something bad happened to me……I just got stuck their….and my mind is not allowing me to leave that emoition of failure and guilty…..If you can send reiki to can be helpful to me.

  12. melissa

    ive been looking for classes to become reike certified. i love reike, im intrigued. i also would ask you send some reike vibes my way. i suffer from trichotillomania. a hair pulling disease that increases when im anxious. please help me rid myself of the negative energy that makes me pull. also if you have a recommendation for me here in pennsylvania to begin reike classes. thank you!

  13. I have been disabled for 14 years. This is my last hope. I am alone. I worry, I live with chronic fatigue, post traumatic stress, disabled by marriage by abuse. Requesting reiki healing and knowledge to heal myself. No one should suffer the many years I have not getting to live life and at times so lonely and sick, feeling suicidal. Help.

  14. lesley bartram

    hi could you please send reiki to my 17 year old daughter, molly. shes got quite low self esteem, and gets quite depressed, very concerned mum, thankyou.

  15. Please send me a reiki because tommorrow my exam start an my exam time is 8:30am to 10:30 am.I hve not ready for write exam but please send me a reiki because my exam going to good.please please send me.

  16. archana

    How to come out from anxiety, too much fear to be alone or to avoid dependency and wanted to come out from too much irritating unwanted sounds i am hearing myself and getting irritated and also panic

  17. Dr Uma BS

    Want to learn rekhi

  18. Laurelle

    Hello Henry – We only teaching classes in person. From personal experience we find that online classes do not deliver the quality of information, energy or experience that a professionally presented, in person class does. We teach in Sedona, Arizona every month, and have one class in Iowa in August of 2012. We will be happy to help you find a teacher in your area if you would like. Peace and blessings, Laurelle

  19. How and where do i sign up for your online classes? I have been trying for a week and have made no headway. I am afraid i am computer illeterate and do not know much about them.I am very much inyterested in your classes and have a strong desire to learn. I took the $47 course offered by Mr. Wilson but he leaves a lot to be desired that i do not understand. Help please, i need a teacher,I am 67 years old so i am a slow learner You and Michael sound like yopu are god sent. Thank you for listening,

  20. wayne

    please send me reiki as i have been suffering from generalised anxiety for the last 36 years…i am 51 now and sick of not living the life that i deserve…kindest regards Wayne.

  21. claire hogarth

    please please pretty please !! send me reiki long distance …. I am suffering some kind of bowel disease & the doctors do not know what is wrong with me !! It has been going on for 4 months now !! Claire Hogarth … PORTUGAL <3

  22. Please send reiki to me to heal my autoimmune disorder and help restore energy.
    Thank you so much!

  23. veena parmar

    please do a distance reiki for me.. i am going to sit for exams on thursday and nothings really entering my mind because of clutter!!!! please help me!

  24. Cindy

    please send reiki to my daughter amanda. she’s 17 and is addicted to heroin and is trying very hard to live drug free.

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