The Book on Holy Fire Karuna Reiki
by Laurelle Gaia
Divine Light for Our Evolving World

“God has breathed new life into Reiki.”
Laurelle Shanti Gaia


The Depth and Breadth of True Healing

If I had to sum up the overall difference between how I experienced my life before the stroke, and now I would say; that things that were nice concepts before feel like true realities now. While I used to THINK of gratitude in the past, now I FEEL gratitude in the very cells of my being, I use to THINK of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Now I intimately KNOW my physical body and that it is working to grow stronger. And I have really MET my mental and spiritual bodies too. I now know that my mental body needs to be discerning rather than judgmental in order to allow it to pursue its lifelong quest to learn more. I clearly feel that my spiritual body houses my attitude and that the basis of that attitude is my ability to express my gratefulness for everything that comes my way, which provides me with a basis for continuing true healing.

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Reiki and Spiritual Growth

I  will be forever grateful to Reiki for many things especially for helping after I had a stroke. I realize now that I use to focus on curing illnesses but did not realize that an illness can actually be a part of our true healing.  What is a true healing? A true...

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Synchronicity in Hilo Another Reiki Adventure

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia The air was crisp and clear early one autumn morning in 1997. I was walking my usual route for my morning hike, enjoying the jewel toned colors of the trees, the briskness of the air, and the aromas of the autumn forest and wood burning in the...

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Energetic qualities of the 8 phases of the moon

The moon emanates distinctly different energies during the full cycle from new moon to full moon. Each of the eight cycles facilitates the process of creation and manifestation. The eight phases each have a duration of approximately 28 days. An example and definition...

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Mastering Time with Reiki By Laurelle Shanti Gaia

ONE AREA OF OUR LIFE that often seems to present challenges is our “management” of time. Our ego can create a worry, which causes us to feel that there is not enough time in the day to accomplish all that we need to do. Or perhaps we allow ourselves to feel that we are so much busier than others that we know. We may impede our relationship with time by telling ourselves “I really want to do that, but I just do not have the time.”

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How Does Sound Enhance Reiki Sessions?

by Laurelle Gaia & Michael Arthur Baird Many times we have said, “One of the most beautiful things about Reiki is that there is nothing extra, no tool, or substance needed to be able to help oneself and others heal.”

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Karuna Reiki and Soul Level Healing

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia Karuna Reiki can bring soul recognition that complete peace is already within us all. The air was crisp and clear and the sounds of a nearby mountain stream were soothing my spirit. I had slipped away for a few moments of quiet introspection at...

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Reiki and the Key to Self Healing

By Laurelle Gaia It is with the help of the distant healing Reiki symbol (HNSHZN), I am able to connect back in time to an experience that proved to be one of my most powerful personal healings.  When I review the experience, it feels like a different life time rather...

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Forgiveness – the Key to Creating a New YOU!

By Laurelle Gaia Everyone has moments from their past during which they have experienced emotional hurt, physical pain, or perhaps even guilt or shame. We know that we are holding onto these issues when we find ourselves, becoming angry easily, or feeling sad or...

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Preparing for Reiki Master Training

By Laurelle Shanti Gaia This article appears in the Winter 2013 issue of “Reiki News Magazine” THE PROCESS OF BECOMING a Reiki Master can be an exhilarating and profoundly transformational journey.

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Reiki New Moon Meditation

By Laurelle Shanti Gaia For many years I have been studying the power of the cycles of the moon.  Of particular interest are the experiences shared with new moon meditation groups when we invoke Reiki to assist in meditations, for personal growth and world service....

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Reiki – 2013 – What’s It All About?

2013 - What's It All About? This year certainly has been a year of growth, shifting and change. One thing that we can be certain of is that we always have the opportunity to grow and heal. Those of us dedicated to spiritual growth often find solitude to be important,...

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A Healing Miracle at Peace Place

A Spontaneous Healing for a 12 Year-Old by Tianna Galgano I love to vacation in Sedona, Arizona.  The spiritual intensity in the power spots help me to connect with Spirit in expanded ways. When possible, I take one of my grandchildren on vacation with me. We hike...

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The Book on Holy Fire Karuna Reiki by Laurelle Gaia Divine Light for our evolving world

The Book on Holy Fire Karuna Reiki by Laurelle Gaia



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