Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Crystal Healing Advanced

Experience the “Diamond Christos Immersion®” as you deepen your Lemurian remembrance. Explore the purity of the Christos consciousness as you immerse yourself in this powerful matrix of crystals and gemstones.

*The “Christos” is a label for a level of consciousness, a state that you, I or anyone can reach.


All the crystals and gemstones needed to create the Diamond Christos Immersion® are included in the cost of this class.

  • In addition to each of the stones’ inherent Divine consciousness, each one has been bathed in and holds the sonic resonance of diamond, citrine, platinum, aquamarine, kyanite, quartz, iron, gold and special dolphonic frequencies.
  • In the class you will learn one primary layout, and other variations and methods to enhance the immersion of the Christos consciousness.
  • There is an additional attunement in this class, offering a deeper awareness of the Lemurian dimension and alignment with the cosmic flow.

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