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If you are a Reiki practitioner, please feel free to join in and send Reiki to the requests.


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Please Note: Others on the internet will be able to review your request and Reiki practitioners and prayer healers may also send Reiki to the requests posted here. If this is a concern to you, only use first name and last initial.

Reiki Practitioners

We send Reiki on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Arizona time.
If you are a Reiki practitioner, please feel free to join in and send Reiki to the requests.

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The services of Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc. are a complement to, not a replacement for medical, or psychological treatment.


Please provide the following information for the healing recipient:

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2) Location (city, state, country),

3) Condition/issue for which Reiki is needed.


  1. sarah williams

    hi, I am requesting reiki energy for my dad, bill, 95 years old he just fell on weds 7/19/17 and fractured his right hip and right shoulder. he had surgery this morning 7/21/17 and will stand on his feet today. please send him love and light, my stepmom is 90 years old and fractured 2 vertabre in her back 2 months ago, she has dementia. my stepsister Cathy was in the house visiting her mom and she heard dad fall. they all live in Ga. and my brother lives in Kansas and I am in az. dad will stay in the hospital until monday7/24/17, then for two weeks he will live in a rehab facility not far from the house. he will be 96 on 7/30/17. a steel rod and several screws weren’t what he asked for on his upcoming birthday. since he and my stepsister cathy are the primerary caregivers of my stepmom (Virginia) who has dementia, please send love, light and healing energy to all. thank you all so much, love and gratitude to all of you from sarah w. thank you

  2. Sharath Kumar

    I am Suffering from Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety,negativity, worries, fear & financial problems..

    I don’t have a job.
    Please heal me.

  3. Jennifer W

    Healing and self-love, clarity & courage

  4. preeti

    head and neck pain and pain in lower of skull

  5. Donald fredrick stamm

    donald fredrick stamm i need job opportunities and need to find my way help other people a spirit or somthing is trying to help me also i think and my grandmother nancy flaherty has pain from rheumatoid arthritis

  6. Zahid Shaikh

    I want to heal others. Figured out i have to heal myself first. Please somebody tell me whats the next step?

  7. Alysha A.

    I had an accident. My knee is always in pain.

  8. leonora

    I want to learn to do Reiki and apply it to my Husband and to me . We are dealing with sickness. I would really appreciate it. Love and Light

  9. Catherine C

    please helpful healing of Reiki for myself who struggles with much back, leg, and feet pain and now with much chaos running through my thoughts. I need peace and enlightenments.

  10. Stephanie Parker

    New job opportunities, prosperity and abundance

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