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If you are a Reiki practitioner, please feel free to join in and send Reiki to the requests.


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We review the comments legitimacy, and once approved, they will post on our site.
We sincerely appreciate your patience.

Please Note: Others on the internet will be able to review your request and Reiki practitioners and prayer healers may also send Reiki to the requests posted here. If this is a concern to you, only use first name and last initial.

Reiki Practitioners

We send Reiki on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Arizona time.
If you are a Reiki practitioner, please feel free to join in and send Reiki to the requests.

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The services of Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc. are a complement to, not a replacement for medical, or psychological treatment.


Please provide the following information for the healing recipient:

1) Full Name or if you prefer First Name and Last Initial

2) Location (city, state, country),

3) Condition/issue for which Reiki is needed.


  1. Ky

    Need some positive energy to help with severe depression

  2. Carla Kiesau

    I need healing please from dark energy.

  3. Jeanne Koeni

    Hi! I’ve had chronic pain for about 20 yrs. I h Ave osteo arthritis and fibromyalgia with all of its symptoms that go with it. I could really use some relief if at all possible!!

  4. mark t. f.

    HI, please send reiki holy fire to help me heal my childself who is deeply wounded and betrayed and no longer trusts. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Love&Blessings.

  5. Archana r

    Am suffering from anger depression and negative thoughts.could u heal me.

  6. Susan Smyth

    Hi.I have been in chronic pain for 5 years now..and I’m reaching out to the universe daily.. I would so appreciate some help and healing..I’m doing my very best..but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Living daily in pain has taught me lots but some relief would go such a long way.. thank you so much in advance ..
    Om Shanti

  7. markus gross

    Hi we need usui holy fire 11 to first nations people here in saanichton bc there is so much hatred towards them here and hate crimes against them they dont want to live they say white people all they want to do is beat us up and kill us because we are different there was a grand mother elder that was murdered here because she was different I heard there was alot of people slandered her calledher a f in wagon burner f in indians she had a mental problem and lots more please help this situation justice needs to happen on the highest level for these people

  8. Dharti P

    Hello, Thank you for doing wonderful work.I have severe depression & anxiety. I was not able to get out of my bed since last month. I lost my job and I am very stressed & confused.I am lost at the moment. Please help me, heal me. I really appreciate your support & time.Thank you

  9. Trevor t

    Hello the last seven years I’ve been battling with bad astral projectors the have in tested my life and attack my energy body’s and block them up with their sicknesses because I’m so sensitive to their thoughts I pick up their addictions like excessive smoking please if you can help that would be great thanks :)

  10. Karla Fouts

    Hi Sarah, Thank you for contact us. Please email us at or call us directly at 928-204-1216. Blessings, ~Reiki Classes Staff~

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