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If you are a Reiki practitioner, please feel free to join in and send Reiki to the requests.


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Please Note: Others on the internet will be able to review your request and Reiki practitioners and prayer healers may also send Reiki to the requests posted here. If this is a concern to you, only use first name and last initial.

Reiki Practitioners

We send Reiki on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Arizona time.
If you are a Reiki practitioner, please feel free to join in and send Reiki to the requests.

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The services of Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc. are a complement to, not a replacement for medical, or psychological treatment.


Please provide the following information for the healing recipient:

1) Full Name or if you prefer First Name and Last Initial

2) Location (city, state, country),

3) Condition/issue for which Reiki is needed.


  1. Elvera B

    Elvera B
    Chinle, Az
    I am requesting for your help because I am ailing from lack of rest. I have not been feeling well and I also have been feeling overwhelmed. Being tired makes me feel unmotivated and stuck in life. Please help me rise above the negativity and move forward once again. I don’t like feeling hopeless. Thank you and I believe that your prayers can help me.

  2. Daniel

    1)Name: Daniel Strawford
    2) Location: Delft, Holland (city, state, country),
    3) Depression and anxiety, Indecision and lack of taking responsibility for my life and happiness.

  3. Brotati Mridha

    Please send me reiki for emotional healing as well as physical.

  4. Dorothy F

    I would like a FREE distant Reiki treatment. Problem is I have progressive MS and currently need a walker to get around as I am numb in both legs and left forearm and hand. I also have a herniated disc in the L5 S1 area. My inner elbows are in pain all the time due to pressure on manually lifting up legs to dress, getting into car or bed, or putting much weight on walker handles. The list goes on. I am no longer able to work and spend my time sitting, doing nothing. I don’t expect to be healed of all my medical issues. What I really want are attunements so that I can perform Reiki on myself. But a free treatment would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Travis

    I need a healing in my second toe on my left foot and more mobility in the big toe on the same foot. The lack of mobility in the big toe is what is causing the excruciating pain in the second toe.

    Also I need my eyesight to improve. I also have swollen breasts tissue in my nipple area, it’s called gynecomastia. It has developed since my early teens and I don’t wanna do the surgery I would rather it shrink and or melt. Lifting weights doesn’t cure it.

    Finally, I am looking to become a Reiki Master and I just need the finances and the right school. I’ll be expectant!!! Thank you!!!

  6. Kathleen S

    Please send Reiki to Christina S. in Midwest City, OK. She may have lupus (awaiting secondary tests) and would welcome help with relationships, finances and other life challenges. Thank you for your service.

  7. Elisa Rodrigues

    ) Elisa Gisel Rodrigues
    2) Redlands CA USA
    3) The most important things is that, I am a sensitive and wish help and guidance developing my gifts. It has been difficult for me to find someone for proper guidance. I want to be able to keep my vibration up long enough to connect with spirit.
    Also, have a lot on my plate as head of house hold and children, work, a sick family member (cancer). I;m looking to find stability to be able to do what I love most, helping, healing people, and communicating with spirit. I am greatful for all that I have and receive but would wish for aid in clarity, abundance, Monetary flow, clearing of energy. Ask for clearing of all obstacles and what every seems may be helpful at this time.

  8. Jo

    I am so grateful for your offer to send Reiki to my blessed but slightly broken body.:) I had a fall on concrete a few months back which damaged my right shoulder, my neck, my hips and left leg. The impact also had a concussive effect on my brain, which is what I am most concerned about. My heart has been quite sad and closed as I’ve been having a hard time functioning in my life, as a result. Your gift of prayers and light I am so grateful for. Bless you all. With love.

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