Welcome to Crystal Gratitude at Creekside

Formerly Crystal Enlightenment on the Creek

Crystal Gratitude is beautifully situated just above Oak Creek and nestled in a grove of magnificent, ancient Sycamore trees.

We carry a variety of tools, books, CDs, crystals, drums, dowsing instruments, crystal skulls, spiritual jewelry, and much more to assist customers on their  spiritual/metaphysical path.

Spiritual/psychic readings, astrology, essential oils, Reiki, massage, Bowen therapy and other types of healing sessions are also available. The practitioners are all licensed, certified and experienced.

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Crystal Gratitude

251 State Route 179 Suite B1,
Sedona, AZ 86336



“I am so grateful for all that I learned in this class. I am also so thankful for the opportunity to have hands-on (or is that crystals-on 😉 experience in class. I have taken online courses, which were helpful, but there is nothing to compare to the in person interactions with other students, as well as that profound, Crystal and Sound attunement that you gave us. I have even more reverence for our Mother Earth than ever before. I will be back for the intermediate and advanced classes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring crystal classes, Laurelle. They are quickly proving to be as life-altering as my journey into Reiki was/is.”


“Dear Laurelle, I taught another Level I Crystal Healing Class this weekend and that class continues to be BEYOND AMAZING!!! The students all had incredible life changing, out of body experiences, and deep healing responses in class as we did the work. A lot of tears and gratitude to you during the class from all of us for sharing these profound teachings.”

Julie, CA

“Dear Laurelle, the crystal healing class was wonderful. I learned so much that has and will continue to enhance my Reiki treatments. I want to say that the kindness and genuine love you all show in your work is such an inspiration to all of us in the healing arts. I can’t wait to hear about the next level of Crystal Healing!” Thank you.

Caroline, NC

Crystal Gratitude