Feng Shui Tips – April 2010

Happy April Showers of Love by Mariko Yamamoto ~ The flowering of springtime brings forth splendid song and with it the blooming buds of remembrance, rebirth and the resurrection of new vision and life.

What a perfect time to shed the old and allow for the authentic light and resilience to shine through, as well as innate gifts, talents and abilities to come forward.cherry blossom-

One question which many students and clients have asked with sincerity of heart is,

In the Stars for April 2010

by Yahaira Volpe ~ Spring is here now that the Sun has moved into the fire sign Aries starting a new cycle of growth through the celestial zodiac. All of life is awakening in the northern hemisphere; plants, animals and people from the winter slumber. The Sun transiting through Aries awakens our creative power. The urge for taking risks, demonstrating leadership and climbing to new heights of awareness are…

Reiki Whispers – March 2010

Healing the Earth with Love and Appreciation

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

When was the last time you sat down, quieted your mind and focused on how much the earth has given to humanity? Have you ever sent Reiki energy, or prayers in love and appreciation for all of the gifts she has given us?

Feng Shui Tips – March 2010

by Mariko Yamamoto


Life is a shimmering luminous River, a wellspring of sparkling vibrancy and power, flowing through and around all things, a sacred dance of one infinite moment opening into the next…

But sometimes it may feel as if the elements of life . . .

Spirit Speaks March 2010

Spirit Speaks
by Astara E. Edmonds


We are living in expansive times. With the daily increase in higher frequency, we find ourselves awakening to new levels of awareness.

Everyone has intuitive/psychic ability to various degrees. Our psychic center is one of our senses like sight, hearing, smell and taste. It is natural to “sense” something that is intangible and is feeling oriented.

In the Stars for March 2010

In the Stars for March
by Yahaira Volpe

Spring is just around the corner bringing in the energies of new beginnings and starting afresh just like Mother Nature’s sprouting of new leaves and blossoms. Astrologically, the Sun is transiting through the imaginative water sign Pisces until March 20th when it enters into the fire sign Aries signaling the beginning of spring.

Reiki Whispers-February 2010

Ageless Grace and Soul Progression
by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

Regardless of your chronological age at this moment, this article is intended to help you reflect on how Reiki can help you live in grace at any age.

There is a difference between aging as in growing old and aging as in maturing not only in body, but more importantly in mind and spirit.

Feng Shui Tips – February, 2010

Courting the Stillness Within
by Mariko Yamamoto


Our mind is a great friend. It plans, organizes, gets us from A to Z, does everything possible to keep us safe and secure. But, it also rants and raves, compares, separates, judges, complains, controls and stirs. When you find that the noise levels may get a little too loud, it may be a signal to turn the volume down or even off and log back onto “esoulharmony” (a play name) to make a date with the Soul and court the Stillness within. How ironic that all of creation, movement, activity, sound and light have their very being in Stillness.

Spirit Speaks – February 2010

Our Heart’s Compassion by Astara E. Edmond

Compassion is a vast, emotional force of transformational power. When we allow our hearts to open and expand, our capacity for compassion increases. We become a more readily available vessel for compassion to flow through.

In the Stars for February, 2010

By Yahaira Volpe

The month of February usually signals that midpoint of the winter season. Ground Hog day occurs on the 2nd while the moon is in Libra. This is a good time for socializing, putting things into balance. We are getting closer to the Spring Vernal Equinox in March.

We associate February with the sign Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

This sign is known for its eccentricity. Aquarius sun signs are outgoing, eccentric, communicative and love to share their knowledge.

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Reiki Resolutions and Resonance in the New Year?

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia ~ Once upon a time I decided that, at the dawning of each New Year I would make resolutions to improve myself. After many years of fast starts, which quickly stalled, I realized that New Year resolutions, alone, just do not work for me in the long run.

Recently I realized that what does work for me is . . .

In the Stars for January 2010

by Yahaira Volpe

~ Happy New Year to all!

This will be a great year for expanding communication skills, travel, new inventions, and creativity.

The Sun is now traveling through the practical earth sign Capricorn-Happy Birthday Capricorns! This year will trigger an awakening for the signs: Aries Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Capricorn is an ambitious goal orientated sign. Planning and achieving those goals . . .

Feng Shui Tips

by Mariko Yamamoto ~

We stand at the dawn of the New Year, like the flower whose face turns towards the sun, ready to receive the warm and brilliance of the devoted and reliable Source of Light.

A perfect reminder that regardless of what “adventures” are in store for us, whether they be intentions, dreams, activities and experiences upon life’s path and journey,

Heaven is . . .

Spirit Speaks-Themes for 2010

by Astara E. Edmonds ~

The themes of growth for 2010 will flow with more ease than in 2009.

Because both creativity and communication are such strong themes for 2010, we will see significant growth in inventions, green living projects and dissemination of new ideas on a global level.

As creativity along with optimism increases, we will individually and collectively move in new innovative directions in creating jobs, feeding ourselves and solving problems. This is the year to “think outside the box” and be open and willing to approach . . .

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