Reiki Whispers – January 2012

Reiki for Projects and Goals by Laurelle Shanti Gaia It is a good thing that I am one who welcomes change. I was planning on writing an article entitled “Surfing the Dimensions with Reiki” for this issue of Reiki Healing News.  I worked on it for several days, and suddenly I found myself “stalled”. Perhaps I became stuck between dimensions? (just kidding). All I know is I hit a block.  I usually use Reiki to move myself through writer’s block, but this time it just wasn’t budging. Now I understand why. Earlier this month I signed on as Spiritual Advisor for a documentary project that one of my friends is developing. I agreed to coordinate Reiki practitioners to send Reiki for several aspects in the production and development of the documentary. As I began to ask people to “send Reiki to the project”, I started receiving questions like “How do I Reiki a project?” Now that I have received over 80 facebook messages asking the same basic question, I finally understand why the other article was blocked. The timing was not right. The timing for this article appears to be perfect. I have been practicing Reiki for 25 years and teaching for 20, and sometimes I lose site of the fact that there are qualities that Reiki offers us that we may forget about over time.  Many of us fall into a routine practice. Regular practice is lovely, but trying new things and exploring Reiki’s limitless nature helps us learn, grow and heal on all levels. Reiki has been helping with planning, developing and creating projects and I would...

Reiki and “Protection”

By Laurelle Shanti Gaia When I first studied Reiki I was taught to use the energy to “protect” myself.  I had always heard that we should protect ourselves in the “white light” to prevent anything negative, or dark from affecting us.  Although this seems to be a common practice, I was never comfortable with it. Over the years of working with Reiki I have learned a new way to think about this concept.  I recognize the existence of the “collective creative consciousness” (this is different than the collective unconscious).  I envision this as a pool of energy that holds all thoughts anyone has ever consciously had, or ever will have. One day I was in a Reiki meditation, and these questions came to me; “Is there a collective creative consciousness?” “Does the creative essence of all conscious thoughts gather there?” “Does this collection of conscious thought create our reality?”  If the answer to these questions is yes … then are those of us who spend time “protecting” ourselves each day actually creating a world we need to be protected from? As I asked these questions during Reiki meditation, information seemed to pour in.  What I heard was that we can assist the evolution of humanity and the planet by a simple change in our perspective.  What if, instead of protecting ourselves with Reiki, we simply strengthened the light of love that we are by using the Reiki energy.  Then if anything “negative” should attempt to enter our energy field, it would touch into Reiki and receive healing. Therefore, instead of shielding ourselves from the world, we would be infusing...

Reiki Whispers – December, 2011

Reiki, Solar Flares, Crystals & Ascension by Laurelle Gaia In my Reiki practice I have recently noticed an unusual increase in common symptoms among my clients. Normally my practice assists clients who are focusing on progressing on their spiritual path, recovering from abuse, healing deep emotional wounds, or working to re-pattern old beliefs and negative thought patterns. However, . . .

Reiki Healing News November 2011

ARTICLES in this issue [catlist id=61 excerpt=yes orderby=modified] UPCOMING Special Events – to view our FULL schedule click on the calendar link in the navigation bar at the top of this page or click here Note to our subscribers: Please accept my apology for the lapse in time between our issues this year. Writing for and publishing this newsletter is one of my favorite tasks. As our planet and consciousness is evolving at this very intense time, many people are experiencing challenges in multiple areas of life. We have been inundated with such challenges which required me to set aside many of the activities that I love so that I might attend to the more mundane aspects of life.  I had been publishing this newsletter monthly for 9 years and it is my intention to resume monthly publications with this issue. Many of you have written and asked if we had forgotten you, or stopped our newsletter. Your inquiries have been the catalyst for me to find the creative energy to get the newsletter “back on track”. Thank you for your loyalty and patience. ~...

Feng Shui & Wellness Tips from Mariko

Mother Earth’s Super Angels to Assist During Changing Times by Mariko Yamamoto Though there may be a lot of chatter upon the topic of “lack,” in truth, our Great Mama Gaia (Mother Earth) is the cornucopia of abundance and blesses us with all the sacred medicine we could ever possibly need in our lifetimes and for generations to come. Look around to witness Her Spirit as She flows infinitely through all the elements, the plant life, herbs, flowers, trees.  Listed are a few of Her wondrous “Angels,” here to balance, support, nourish and enhance our bodies, minds and spirits during times of great transition. Water - It is essential to keep hydrated daily with pure life giving water for the optimal functioning of all of our systems and to keep our consciousness flowing. Ionic Minerals in a Fulvic Base - Minerals are vital to our health and just as essential as drinking water. They are super conductors in cell to cell communication and absorption, keep our electrical system charged, enhance relaxation, mental clarity, etc. Also recommended is to include a good salt in one’s diet such as Himalayan or Celtic salt. Super Green Foods - such as Chlorella, Blue Green Algae, Spirulena, E3 Live, Chlorophyll, Marine Phytoplankton, Barley Greens. The super greens alkalize, oxygenate, cleanse, clear, give core nourishment including minerals, amino acids, enzymes, etc. Goji Berries - are simply joyful! They are not only delicious, they alkalize, build vitality, strengthen the immune, stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands and are considered to be one of the top longevity foods. Flower Essences - are the “soul” of the plant...

Reiki Healing News – August 2011

Reiki and Sound Healing You Can SEE by Laurelle Shanti Gaia ~ Marketing Your Reiki Practice by Tara Golden ~ VIDEO: Secret Benefits of the Reiki Retreat by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

Marketing Your Reiki Practice

Marketing Your Reiki Practice by Tara Golden – On-line marketing is the wave of the future. The world-wide web is the new office!…

Reiki Whispers August 2011

Reiki and Sound Healing You Can SEE by Laurelle Shanti Gaia – The concept that sound can promote healing is not new, nor is it a surprise to anyone who …

The Ethical Practice of Reiki

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia Click the link below to read the full article as printed in Reiki News Magazine - Spring 2011 Ethical Reiki Article THOSE OF US WHO ARE DRAWN to Reiki and other methods of healing are usually attracted to the field because of our desire to help people. We are the most effective in our work when we strive to always behave in a manner that is empowering to our clients. As in any profession, there are people in the healing field who have great integrity, and there are those who claim to have more knowledge, skill, or training than they actually do. In addition, I have had a few personal periences with healers who have demonstrated questionable ethical conduct. The practice of Reiki is gaining much wider recognition in the public sector. I feel that we as practitioners have a responsibility to conduct ourselves with compassion, honesty, and integrity, and in a professional manner. CLICK the link above to read the FULL...

SPECIAL 21 Day Reiki Dedication for Japan – Learn Reiki and Help Japan

Please join us every night at 9 pm. in your local time zone from tonight March 14 for 21 days (April 3) as we send Reiki to the earth, water, air, people, animals and nature kingdom of Japan.♥ In addition to our 21 day healing service we are offering the following: Learn Reiki and help Japan. We will donate $50 - $88 to relief efforts for Japan for every class registration received between March 14 and April 15 to help relief efforts in Japan. When you register for Reiki I & II…$50 of the tuition will be donated within 48 hours of your registration. Crystal Healing Level One $50 will be donated. Crystal Healing Intermediate $65 will be donated ART/Reiki Master or Karuna Reiki Master $88 Reiki Drumming $50 Register now and attend class when it is convenient. Register from...

Reiki, Breath and the Sacred Spiral

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia Over the years, Reiki has taught me many things and inspired me to research ancient traditions which may hold synchronicities within the various healing arts. The appearance of the spiral symbol throughout many cultures strikes me as one of the more important synchronicities. My interest in this topic was sparked by the very powerful healings that have taken place by activating the essence of Reiki’s sacred healing spiral symbol (CKR). When I first began researching this topic I had no idea that there were so many variations of the spiral i.e. Archimedean spiral, logarithmic spiral, cornu spiral, Fermat’s spiral, golden spiral to name only a few. I also was unaware that spirals surfaced within nearly every culture and religion. Reflections of sacred spirals can be found in the Chinese symbol for yin and yang, Japanese Shinto healing traditions, Celtic Christianity, Judaism, Islamic designs, the labyrinth, the medicine wheel, and in many forms for the Maya, Aztec, Zuni, Navajo, Hopi and other nations. Spirals exist in our very DNA through the double helix. Some say that the spiral is the fingerprint of God which resides in all of creation. The spiral can represent the pathway to enlightenment, the involution and evolution of the soul, the passage of time, emergence, initiation, the journey into and from the heart and mind of God, the awakening of the godself, alignment with the essence of perfection through Divine Love. It is often exclaimed that Reiki symbols are “secret”. I feel that a more accurate description is that the symbols are sacred healing tools, and the attunement to them is a...

In the Stars – November, 2010

Scorpio is ruled by Mars which makes Scorpio Sun signs very determined to pursue their interests with conviction. ZodiacThey are very imaginative, subtle and can be stubborn, obstinate, secretive, suspicious and jealous natives. They are self-centered with vast amounts of stored energy which helps them to…

Reiki Healing News – November, 2010

Articles: Creating Stress Free Holidays with Reiki by Laurelle Shanti Gaia ~ Feng Shui Tips – Shamanic Feng Shui Mariko Yamamoto ~ In the Stars for October by Yahaira Volpe ~
Special Events and News

Reiki Whispers

As we approach the winter holidays, now is a good time to begin, or renew your connection with Reiki to relieve stress strengthen our immune system, save time and maintain a sense of peace and well being.

Feng Shui Tips – November, 2010

Shamanism is one of the earliest spiritual arts practiced in nearly every culture around the world based upon direct revelation through communing with the living Spirit in all things. Feng Shui is traditionally known as the art and science of creating harmony through opening, activating and nourishing the channels in one’s environment for the optimal flow of life force.

Through the depths of my explorations and practice, I have discovered that working in both arenas has exponentially

Reiki Healing News – October, 2010

Articles: The Healing Power of Listening by Laurelle Shanti Gaia ~ Feng Shui Tips – Empowerment through change by Mariko Yamamoto ~ In the Stars for October by Yahaira Volpe ~ Spirit Speaks -Cosmic Child by Astara E. Edmonds; ReikiGRAM and more
Special Events and News

Reiki Whispers – October, 2010

Often some of our deepest wounds are a result of feeling misunderstood or as though we have not been heard. This can result in a person feeling unworthy, or insignificant. As a healing channel, one of the most powerful things we can do is . . .

ReikiGRAM October, 2010

What’s new or coming soon! Reiki events, visiting teachers, upcoming classes, new videos and more!



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