Accepting Greater Joy

The love that comes from the Creator is unbounded and because of this, there is no limit to the good that can come to those who seek. The potential that lies within us and around us is waiting to unfold and is always available to reveal more and to take us to greater heights. No matter how much we have accomplished or how wonderful something has become there is always the next step, the next lesson, the next development. This is especially true with healing and with Reiki. If we accept this, it makes it possible for us to open to a greater experience of what healing can be. . . . . Awakening To A Better World So often we approach life and its responsibilities with a sense of struggle. Out of fear we assume that we must diligently focus on our worries including being ready to defend ourselves against those whom we imagine oppose us. Yet, the reality is that most of our worries are based on false assumptions. They usually never happen, so our energy is dwindled away by needless worry. At other times, because we believe they are real, without knowing it, we end up actually creating what we fear or making existing situations worse. Because of this, a great deal of our time and resources are wasted on worries that never happen or that didn’t exist until we acted on our fear. This leaves us in a far less resourceful state and reduces our ability to create the happy, healthy life that we really would like to have. This process has become so habituated...

The Butterfly Squad by Laurelle Gaia 2017 Winter Edition of Reiki News

I AM WRITING THIS as many questions are surfacing and perhaps some answers are arising too. This is also to give gratitude for teams working together. I am healing from a serious stroke caused by brain aneurysms that occurred about one and a half years ago. The doctors gave me a two percent chance of survival. Yet I am here and I am here for a reason. That experience contributed to a coma that lasted three weeks and resulted in the temporary paralysis of the left side of my body. I could neither walk nor talk and I feel that I was given the opportunity to rebirth myself. I am in the process of that rebirthing even as I type this. After a fabulous medical, Reiki and therapy team effort, I am healing. The way that the therapeutic team worked to help me regain strength and mental and emotional clarity has helped me awaken more to the power of working together as a team. In so doing, we benefit from one another’s gifts. This and my new awareness are helping me see teams everywhere. Apparently that experience gave me a new awareness and understanding of team work. Perhaps that experience is giving life to The Butterfly Squad. As healing is happening for me many questions are surfacing. My First Question If God were manifesting in this life now, what would God’s body look like to us? I believe that God is an expression of love and has no race, religion, or gender, and is kind and nurturing. God belongs to no one religion or country but instead is absolutely...

How to Gain Confidence in Your Relationship with Reiki by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

My first introduction to the true meaning of unconditional love was through my first Reiki session. I had heard that phrase before, but hearing and experiencing are two totally different things. I was uncomfortable with the very thought of allowing a stranger to actually touch me. However, I was very curious about Reiki.

Know Your Reiki Guides… the Art of Listening

If I need guidance I find it works best for me to stop whatever I am doing, take a deep breath, say a prayer, invoke the distant healing symbol, and ask that the Reiki energy help connect me with my guides. When I feel the energy flowing, I will ask a specific question, stay very quiet and pay attention to what I hear.

The Depth and Breadth of True Healing

If I had to sum up the overall difference between how I experienced my life before the stroke, and now I would say; that things that were nice concepts before feel like true realities now. While I used to THINK of gratitude in the past, now I FEEL gratitude in the very cells of my being, I use to THINK of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Now I intimately KNOW my physical body and that it is working to grow stronger. And I have really MET my mental and spiritual bodies too. I now know that my mental body needs to be discerning rather than judgmental in order to allow it to pursue its lifelong quest to learn more. I clearly feel that my spiritual body houses my attitude and that the basis of that attitude is my ability to express my gratefulness for everything that comes my way, which provides me with a basis for continuing true healing.

Reiki and Spiritual Growth, True Healing by Laurelle Gaia

I  will be forever grateful to Reiki for many things especially for helping after I had a stroke. I realize now that I use to focus on curing illnesses but did not realize that an illness can actually be a part of our true healing.  What is a true healing? A true healing is coming into harmony with all parts of who we are and accepting who we  are at  any moment as exactly perfect.  A true healing is a process without an end.  In a true healing we feel complete just by being our true self. A true healing is not a goal but it is a process on our path. At least that is how I perceive healing today. Now granted when the doctors said I had a 2% chance of survival, simply surviving was an intention. When I could not walk or talk, doing either felt like a goal but both were just  a part of the healing process.  At times I grow impatient with the process, it definitely feels like there is a timing greater than my own that is in charge of my life. But I realize having more patience with the process is part of my healing too. I also FEEL gratitude to the creator for this continued life and it’s many blessings. Things that were nice concepts feel like realities now. I.e. Gratitude I feel gratitude in a whole different way now. When I use to THINK of gratitude in the past , now I FEEL gratitude in the very cells of my being. I use to THINK of the physical, mental...

Mastering Time with Reiki By Laurelle Shanti Gaia

ONE AREA OF OUR LIFE that often seems to present challenges is our “management” of time. Our ego can create a worry, which causes us to feel that there is not enough time in the day to accomplish all that we need to do. Or perhaps we allow ourselves to feel that we are so much busier than others that we know. We may impede our relationship with time by telling ourselves “I really want to do that, but I just do not have the time.”

How Does Sound Enhance Reiki Sessions?

by Laurelle Gaia & Michael Arthur Baird Many times we have said, “One of the most beautiful things about Reiki is that there is nothing extra, no tool, or substance needed to be able to help oneself and others heal.”

Healing Religious Wounds with Reiki and the Holy Fire

When I found Reiki in 1989, I unknowingly had been searching to fill a spiritual void. I was not consciously aware of the fact that I had a deep longing to feel worthy of love. Did I carry this with me into this life, or did it develop because of experiences in this incarnation? I am not certain, but I do know that Reiki helped me fill that empty space in my heart.

Preparing for Reiki Master Training

By Laurelle Shanti Gaia This article appears in the Winter 2013 issue of “Reiki News Magazine” THE PROCESS OF BECOMING a Reiki Master can be an exhilarating and profoundly transformational journey.

Reiki Crystal Healing

By Laurelle Shanti Gaia This article appears in the Summer 2006 issue of  “Reiki News Magazine”...

Reikishares By Amy Rowland and Laurelle Shanti Gaia

In the community room of a church in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, a small group of Reiki practitioners and a few newcomers stand in a circle, holding hands alive with the charge of Reiki energy, eyes closed, taking slow, deep, relaxing breaths. The circle coordinator has welcomed everyone, said a prayer of thanksgiving for the healing all are about to receive, and asked for the names of those in need of distant healing. Now, he turns to the woman beside him, asks her first name, and then includes it in a blessing: “Joann, may healing extend from my hands to yours.” He smiles at her and invites her to greet the person who stands beside her and pass the blessing on so that it travels to everyone in the circle. Then, feeling the energy of Reiki and the warmth of unconditional love, they unclasp their hands and walk to the bodywork table already in place to do Reiki. The word “Reikishare” is probably not yet in any dictionary, but Reiki practitioners at all levels and of all lineages are quick to understand it as an opportunity to come together with others to share in the experience of Reiki energy through practice. This term is meaningful because it emphasizes the chance to share in the healing energy, to build community, and to keep Reiki-attuned hands “in practice” and strongly charged with healing energy. For practitioners at all levels, Reikishares provide an opportunity to explore and express commitment to Reiki, to deepen practice, and to become aware of a desire or need for further training. Of course, most Reiki Masters and practitioners would say...


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