Reiki Whispers – December, 2011

Reiki, Solar Flares, Crystals & Ascension by Laurelle Gaia In my Reiki practice I have recently noticed an unusual increase in common symptoms among my clients. Normally my practice assists clients who are focusing on progressing on their spiritual path, recovering from abuse, healing deep emotional wounds, or working to re-pattern old beliefs and negative thought patterns. However, . . .

Reiki Whispers, November, 2011

Clearing Your Past and Illumine Your Future with the Reiki Breath of Light by Laurelle Gaia When I am giving a Reiki session to a client, I frequently find that I am reminding them “The deeper you breathe the deeper you heal”.  When I personally receive...

Reiki Healing News November 2011

ARTICLES in this issue [catlist id=61 excerpt=yes orderby=modified] UPCOMING Special Events – to view our FULL schedule click on the calendar link in the navigation bar at the top of this page or click here Note to our subscribers: Please accept my apology for the...

Feng Shui & Wellness Tips from Mariko

Mother Earth’s Super Angels to Assist During Changing Times by Mariko Yamamoto Though there may be a lot of chatter upon the topic of “lack,” in truth, our Great Mama Gaia (Mother Earth) is the cornucopia of abundance and blesses us with all the sacred medicine we...

Reiki Healing News – August 2011

Reiki and Sound Healing You Can SEE by Laurelle Shanti Gaia ~ Marketing Your Reiki Practice by Tara Golden ~ VIDEO: Secret Benefits of the Reiki Retreat by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

Marketing Your Reiki Practice

Marketing Your Reiki Practice by Tara Golden – On-line marketing is the wave of the future. The world-wide web is the new office!…

Reiki Whispers August 2011

Reiki and Sound Healing You Can SEE by Laurelle Shanti Gaia – The concept that sound can promote healing is not new, nor is it a surprise to anyone who …

The Ethical Practice of Reiki

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia Click the link below to read the full article as printed in Reiki News Magazine – Spring 2011 Ethical Reiki Article THOSE OF US WHO ARE DRAWN to Reiki and other methods of healing are usually attracted to the field because of our desire...

Reiki Healing News-March 2011

Articles: A Plea from the Angelic Realms by Laurelle Shanti Gaia ~ Your Holy Grail by Mariko Yamamoto ~ Reiki Enhances IET by Bonny Kraus

Reiki Enhances Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

Bonny received attunements to Reiki 5 years ago. After receiving thorough Reiki training and gaining an understanding of the depth of the level II symbols, she began incorporating Reiki into her IET sessions. Read how she has experienced the enhancement of her Integrated Energy Therapy practice with the addition of Reiki and this new understanding.

Reiki Whispers-March 2011

A Plea from the Angelic Realms by Laurelle Shanti Gaia ~ One thing that I have learned from Reiki is that with the Divine Love of Reiki, prayer, meditation and a heartfelt request for assistance, the heavens open for us and provide the guidance needed in any given moment.

Normally this newsletter provides tips and techniques for working with the Reiki energy in sessions and in our daily life. I am departing from this somewhat in this issue because of a plea, a heartfelt request FROM the angelic realms.

Feng Shui Tips – March 2011

Your Holy Grail – by Mariko Yamamoto Like the quest for the Holy Grail, what appears to be one of the most universally sought after treasures is “life purpose.” Often, the perceived reward for the finding of this extraordinary jewel is, “Once I know my purpose, the seas will part, the direct path will light up and then I will live my life with passion.”I am Grail

But what is truly at the heart of the seeking of one’s purpose?

Reiki, Breath and the Sacred Spiral

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia Over the years, Reiki has taught me many things and inspired me to research ancient traditions which may hold synchronicities within the various healing arts. The appearance of the spiral symbol throughout many cultures strikes me as one of the...

Reiki Whispers – January 2011

Over the years I have come to know Reiki to be the conduit through which dreams and visions flow and inspiration is birthed. Reiki illumines the spark of God that resides within each of us. When that light is awakening and opening we resonate more easily with the…

Feng Shui Tips – January 2011

by Mariko Yamamoto ~ Alchemy is the transformation from one element to another…this can be of the material elements such as the turning of “base metals into gold,” water into ice, sunlight into leaves, cells into organs. This can also be the…

Reiki Healing News – January 2011

Articles: – Manifesting with Reiki Whispers by Laurelle Shanti Gaia ~ The Dark Light of the Soul by Mariko Yamamoto ~ In the Stars for January by Yahaira Volpe ~ NEW FEATURE ~ Projects that Touch our Hearts by Laurelle

In the Stars – January 2011

by Yahaira Volpe ~ The numerical value for 2011 is the number 4 which means we will build a new foundation. Building a solid foundation based upon good values. This year we will do well to stay…



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